Licensed Therapeutic Programs For Kids & Adolescents in Arizona

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Taking a holistic approach to recovery, our therapeutic services address a variety of needs and promote mastery of crucial skills. Interrelating individual, group and family therapy sessions are guided by experienced therapists to lead students to develop healthy relationships and effective coping tools.

Welcome to Sedona Sky's Therapeutic Treatment Programs For Adolescents in Arizona

Sedona Sky’s therapeutic programs assist students in pursuing and achieving success, building skills, knowledge and most importantly, confidence.


Weekly one-on-one therapy sessions help students identify their personal core struggles and how they can overcome them by applying the new skills they are learning through daily therapeutic sessions and activities.


Daily group therapy sessions focus on vital issues such as honesty, trust, responsibility, anger, self-esteem, and self- awareness.

How does group therapy work?

Therapy Models

Our clinicians pull from many modalities in order to facilitate growth, including:

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Theraplay
  • Systems Theory Therapy
  • Equine Assisted Therapy (EAGALA)

Our clinicians practice therapy strategies that are evidence-based and trauma-informed.


At Sedona Sky, parents are part of every step of the therapeutic process.

Weekly virtual family therapy sessions, quarterly family workshops, and periodic family visits help students and their parents repair damaged relationships and move forward together.


In order to retain the gains made during their stay, students graduating Sedona Sky Academy are offered coaching and support. Drawing on the support systems they have been encouraged to build, and continuing weekly therapy can assist students in successfully navigating the challenges inherent in the transition back into the wider world.

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Group Therapy - Relational, Intentional, Experiential & Developmental.

Group therapy is a vital part of Sedona Sky’s therapeutic program, teaching important principles that are needed across the community. The sessions take a variety of forms, in different settings.

Equine Therapy

Following the EAGALA model, we focus on learning to communicate and work together as a group unit and on partnership and awareness of others. Equine therapy does not require any horsemanship skills, and is ground-based, with no riding involved. Horses offer a safe space for reflection and help mirror non-judgement and unconditional love. This gives our students the opportunity to practice the skills that are core to maintaining healthy relationships, such as emotional awareness, communication, trust, authenticity and congruence, setting boundaries, and emotional regulation.In the group setting, students have the opportunity to give and receive support from their peers which is a healing part of their growth process.

SMART Recovery

In this group session, we use the established SMART recovery method in which group members learn tools and techniques to manage emotions and behaviors. Girls collaborate with each other to help their peers solve difficulties related to addictive behaviors that many people turn to for instant gratification when needing to feel better about a challenge in their lives. SMART helps students to see that while the behaviors that make them feel good right away may seem like a helpful solution to their feelings in the short term, they are behaviors that in the long term can keep them stuck in unhealthy thought patterns that are likely to hold them back. SMART teaches students how to look at the choices they have in front of them and see which choices would be more beneficial for them to develop a healthy mindset and healthier habits to accomplish their long-term goals in life.


This group helps students focus on the pursuits of the Theraplay method which they are working on in their individual plans. Students practice the skills needed for them to master the pursuit they are on, in a lighter environment, allowing them to have fun in the process. Theraplay gives many ideas for activities that can be done in the group that focus on various challenges for the pursuits of Structure, Nurture, Engagement and Challenge. The theory behind this is that the accomplishment of all of these pursuits in a person’s life can help them to be more successful in their relationships with others, their performance in school, their self-confidence and their self-esteem, all of which are very important to a person’s growth.

Healing In Progress


Fine Arts and Physical Experiences

Encouraging Creativity, Confidence, Self-Expression

Our students love the chance to express themselves in different ways and share their artistic gifts with our community.

Whether singing together, painting, fashioning a ceramic dish, sewing a dress, writing a sonnet, learning a dance, playing a sport or patiently nurturing a seed to life, each individual flourishes as they hone skills and tap into hidden talents.


Enhancing Trust and Respect

At our center, equine therapy plays a vital role in helping adolescents overcome emotional challenges.

This unique therapy effectively addresses challenges like trauma, defiance, addiction, depression, and anxiety. It nurtures self-awareness and the building of positive relationships, crucial for personal growth and healing.


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