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Sedona Sky High School

All Girls, ages 14-18

Sedona Sky Academy is a specialized high school, serving girls ages 14-18, who may be struggling with a variety of issues that have previously limited their success. We are unique in that we offer the best features of both therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers.

We provide high quality, evidence-based clinical services, college preparatory academics, a full array of expressive and experiential arts and a low staff to student ratio, all within a nurturing, healthy living environment. We meet students "Where they are," helping them heal and rebuild new and healthy pathways with their families.

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middle school

Sedona Sky Middle School

All Girls, ages 11-14

Sedona Sky Middle School accepts middle school girls, ages 11-14. We are uniquely situated to be able to meet the needs of both the younger student and less mature early teen that may not be ready to join high school peers. As your student grows slightly older, we can continue to offer services through our sister high school program.

We are here because middle school girls deserve a place that understands the complexity of growing up in today's world. The strength, creativity and curiosity commonly possessed by younger children are often lost in their transition from early childhood to the teen years.

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Residential Treatment for Girls

Specializing in trauma, anxiety & depression

At Sedona Sky Academy, we understand the unique therapeutic needs of struggling girls and their families, offering a program that is comprehensive, individualized and family-focused. Because each of our students and their families are in different situations, we use the first couple of weeks that each student is with us to get to know her and the family in order to tailor the treatment to her needs.

Each individual and family therapy session is then tailored to the needs of the individual and the family. We also emphasize Group Therapy sessions, used to teach important principles that are needed in the community.

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Welcome to
Sedona Sky Academy

A Residential Treatment Center for GirlsSpecializing in Trauma, Anxiety & Depression

Sedona Sky High: Ages 14-18 | Sedona Sky Middle: Ages 11-14

Sedona Sky Academy was a godsend to our family. I'm very grateful that it was there to help our daughter and us..

What Makes Sedona Sky Academy Unique?

Today's world offers many advantages – along with many risks – for our teenage girls.

First of all, we have age appropriate middle school and high school programs. As a leading treatment center for girls, every detail of our restorative program is designed to accomodate the unique needs of each young girl. Thus, the less mature early teen that may not be ready to join high school peers, will have the ability to transition to the high school as she grows and matures.

From the sensitivity of our group process, to the bonds we nurture between girls and horses in equine therapy, we work to ensure that our girls experience the kind of therapy that will promote lasting change. Our typical student may be struggling with wide variety of issues. These issues may have lead to poor and self-destructive behavior, leaving parents worried about their daughter's future.

welcome to sedona sky: young female student

Designed to help individuals develop successful, productive lives

Sedona Sky Academy is a residential treatment center for girls that struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma-related issues. Our residential treatment center is designed to help individuals develop the tools and knowledge they need to live successful and productive lives. The typical student is in the process of figuring out who she is and who she wants to become and struggles personally, academically and socially.

At Sedona Sky's safe, nurturing, and therapeutic environment, our students transform through practicing healthy boundaries, experiencing healthy relationships and gaining insight through intensive, specialized therapy. Our goal at Sedona Sky is to help these girls find success and become their best selves.

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Tailored to the needs of the individual and the family

At Sedona Sky Academy, we understand the unique therapeutic needs of struggling girls and their families, offering a program that is comprehensive, individualized and family-focused. Because each of our students and their families are in different situations, we use the first couple of weeks that each student is with us to get to know her and the family in order to tailor the treatment to her needs.

Participation in a variety of therapeutic settings enables students to focus on issues such as honesty, integrity, trust, responsibility, accountability, anger, self-esteem, and self-awareness. Each individual and family therapy session is tailored to the needs of the individual and the family; and every therapy session is guided by experienced, licensed therapists.

Our therapy

Sedona Sky Academy was such a perfect fit for my daughter. It provided her with a place to safely face her problems..

sedona sky: equine therapy


About Equine Therapy

Therapy with horses: building relationships based
on trust

Equine Therapy offers an integrated method to experiential learning, teaching students the power of authentic relationships through the guidance of the horse. Horses are used for therapeutic purposes because they are exceptional "mirrors" for our young women. The central aim of equine therapy is to help our struggling teen girls create healthy relationships, based on mutual trust and respect.

Many of our students struggle with emotional control, as well as both verbal and non-verbal communication. If a girl has negative body language or acts in a way that breaks the trust of the horse, the horse will respond accordingly. Horses sense and reflect these emotions and behaviors. Therefore, trust and respect becomes the focal point of the therapeutic goal.

Equine therapy program

Why Sedona Sky
Academy for Girls?

Restore their destiny for greatness

Our focus is to help the young ladies of Sedona Sky to regain control of their lives, restore their destiny for greatness, and reset their future for something very special. We do this by helping our girls feel safe and in control again, to learn healthy communication with parents and family members, and to become self-aware and operate through emotional control and self-confidence.

Our Nationally Accredited Academics

sedona sky: young female studying

The academic program at Sedona Sky Academy is grounded in direct classroom instruction. As a teacher-based school, we do not resort to independent study, online work, or go-at-your-own-pace packet work except in rare instances. We feel that the human element in education is crucial, and that the learning process for adolescents should be collaborative, social, and collective.

Here at Sedona Sky Academy, we incorporate:

  • Individualized academic plans
  • IEP plans for students
  • Weekly progress reports

Our classes are small, with a faculty-to-student ratio of approximately 1:8. Instruction is classroom-based, although in special circumstances, independent study (including college credit work) may be arranged.

Our academics

Unmatched Academic Achievement

A specialized school exclusively for girls

Sedona Sky Academy is a specialized school exclusively for struggling girls. Sedona Sky is unique by offering the best of therapeutic boarding schools with strong academics, and residential treatment centers with high staff to student ratios. In addition to our regular academic schedule, we provide college preparation for upper-classmen. We provide SAT and ACT preparation classes and we provide girls the opportunity to participate in AP and college-level courses.

I can only say I am very thankful. Thank you for giving my granddaughter the tools that I could not offer her..

Sedona Sky Academy
Arts Programs

sedona sky: arts programs

Encouraging creativity, confidence and self-expression

At Sedona Sky Academy, we believe that creative pursuits and cultural education are part of a well-rounded life. Our students love the chance to express themselves in different ways and share their artistic gifts with our community. We have always attracted very talented students, many with astounding artistic abilities.

Sedona Sky Academy has integrated the arts to foster creative expression, and to provide outlets geared at building confidence in our students. The therapeutic benefits of artistic expression are well documented, and we believe that the arts are a powerful, healing medium that can be utilized in our program. We have always embraced these capacities, and increased their learning with our Arts Program.

Our arts programs

A Uniquely Beautiful
Therapeutic Environment

sedona sky: therapeutic environment

Recognized world-wide as a place of beauty

Sedona Sky Academy is located just minutes away from Sedona, Arizona. Recognized world-wide as a place of beauty, a place of healing, and a place of restoration; an ideal location for any young girl to heal and grow. Our campus is a warm, peaceful, and welcoming home-like atmosphere with beautiful Plantation style architecture in an equestrian setting.

We are located among some of the most visited natural and historical wonders in the world, including: The Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley, Saguaro National Park, Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Montezumas Castle National Monument, and many other parks and monuments. Truly a place to disconnect from the world, and reconnect with the family, while rediscovering one's self.

I was so impressed with every detail of Sedona Sky Academy.. I will always highly recommend them to others..

The Sedona Sky
Academy Campus

sedona sky: campus

The Sedona Sky Academy campus is located in the Verde Valley of central Arizona – just minutes away from Sedona, AZ. Surrounded by giant cottonwood trees, our campus is situated on 29 acres of land along the edge of Beaver Creek. Our dorms are everything but the stereotypical dormitory. They are designed to help the girls feel at home in a family style, home-like atmosphere.

The living quarters at Sedona Sky Academy are beautiful, modern, clean and comfortable spaces for the girls during their stay. Sedona Sky Academy's facilities take advantage of the mild climate and beautiful scenery to provide a unique environment for our residential treatment center. Students have the opportunity to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

Our campus

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Our mission is to provide the best possible care for young women who are struggling with issues that are better addressed and resolved outside the home with professional guidance.

Sedona Sky Academy is a year-round, open enrollment program which allows enrollment of students at any time throughout the year as circumstances dictate. Though we do require an application process, emergency enrollment is also possible subject to availability.

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