Residential Treatment Programs For Kids & Adolescents in Arizona

A place to relax. A place to heal.

A place where growth happens. Our campus is designed to offer a home-like environment that encourages growth and promotes healing. With caring staff, attractive amenities, and a serene landscape, our girls learn, progress, and thrive.

Welcome to Sedona Sky's Residential Treatment Programs For Adolescents in Arizona


Our all-girls middle and high school programs serve adolescents aged 8-17 who benefit from intensive therapeutic intervention in an elite boarding school setting.


With diverse skills and specialties, our team of adolescent behavioral health professionals support the needs of our students and their families in a multi-faceted approach.


Combining sophisticated clinical interventions with creative, rigorous and individualized support, our students grow into their strongest selves.

The Future

Our students go on to thrive by building healthy relationships, achieving their academic and career goals and becoming contributing members of their communities.


Everything but the stereotypical dormitory, the Sedona Sky Academy living quarters are beautiful, modern and comfortable spaces designed to help the girls feel at home.

Our three dorm buildings each house their own team of residential and clinical staff.

Scenic Surroundings

Sedona Sky Academy is located in central Arizona. Nestled in a valley close to pine-covered peaks, ancient ruins, rivers, hiking trails, and wide open spaces, SSA students have the opportunity to discover themselves as they explore the great outdoors.

Off Campus Activities

Students enjoy a variety of trips around the area, such as:


  • The Grand Canyon
  • Sedona hiking trails


  • Lowell’s Planetarium Observatory in Flagstaff
  • Local art, music, and theater trips


  • Bowling
  • Ice skating
  • Trail riding
Nourishing Meals

Our campus chefs work with a nutritionist to cook delicious, nutritious, fresh meals, planned with your child’s health and wellness in mind.

We will gladly adapt menus to any specific dietary needs, including vegan, kosher and gluten-free diets.

Progress reports

Full-time residential and medical staff ensure your daughter has someone to turn to, 24/7.

We have a comprehensive medical center, with staff to support every area of health- including a dietitian, nutritionist, and weekly consulting psychiatrist.

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A day in the life
of an SSA student at Sedona Sky

Our stimulating schedule provides teenagers with an ideal balance of structure, education, therapy and fun.

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Mornings are for learning, with classes and therapy groups. One period is dedicated to physical activity, with a choice between horsemanship, agriculture, 
PE or dance.


Afternoons are busy, with experiential activities, community volunteering, chores and study time.


Evenings are spent much like a family at home, talking together, playing board games, watching a movie, or relaxing with an inspiring book.


Weekends provide opportunity for different activities both on and off campus, such as hikes, community service and other recreational trips.