Julie Sheppard

Chief Growth Officer

In 1999, Julie Sheppard embarked on a dynamic career journey at Merit Medical Systems, a renowned global medical manufacturing company. Over the span of nearly 17 years, Julie dedicated herself to various roles within the Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales departments, exemplifying unwavering commitment and proficiency in her endeavors.

As her responsibilities expanded at Merit, Julie made the courageous decision to transition away from corporate America and prioritize her family's well-being. In 2017, she found her calling in the mental health field, joining the team at Solstice West RTC as the Director of Business Development.

In her role, Julie's primary focus encompassed marketing, outreach, admissions, and business development. However, her impact extended far beyond these realms as she worked closely with the operations, residential, adventure, and clinical teams, demonstrating versatility and a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of mental health care.

The transition to the mental health field not only propelled Julie's professional growth but also had a profound personal impact. Guiding her own adopted son through mental health struggles and the difficult decision to place him in a residential treatment program provided Julie with invaluable insights and a newfound sense of empathy and compassion.

Married to her husband Jason for over 20 years, Julie is the proud mother of two remarkable boys. Her oldest son, Bridger, is carving his path in the world, working and living independently at nearly 21 years old. Meanwhile, her younger son, Logan, is on the cusp of high school graduation at 17, equipped with a strong work ethic and a bright future ahead.

Julie's family is completed by two beloved dogs, Bruno and Charlie, with Charlie serving as a loyal service companion wherever Julie goes. With his endearing presence, Charlie brings joy and comfort to Julie's life, embodying the unconditional love and support that defines her personal journey.

In her leisure time, Julie finds solace and rejuvenation in various pursuits, from traveling and attending concerts to immersing herself in the beauty of the outdoors. However, her greatest source of rejuvenation lies in the cherished moments spent with her family and friends, who serve as pillars of strength and support in her life's journey.

Julie Sheppard's journey is a testament to the transformative power of compassion, resilience, and personal growth. Through her dedication to mental health advocacy and her unwavering commitment to her family, Julie embodies the essence of strength, empathy, and love, inspiring those around her to embrace their own journeys with courage and compassion.