Donovan Tagaloa

Residential Director

Donovan Tagaloa: A Compassionate Leader in Youth Behavioral Health

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Donovan Tagaloa embarked on his journey in the behavioral health industry at a remarkably young age. Throughout his career, Donovan has held various positions within treatment organizations, diligently working his way up the ladder to his current role as a Program Director. He attributes much of his success to his hands-on experience in the same positions he now supervises and trains, believing it to be instrumental in his leadership approach.

One of Donovan's greatest strengths lies in his ability to connect with students on a profound level, treating each individual with love, respect, and genuine care. He believes in building authentic relationships with those under his guidance, fostering trust and understanding every step of the way.

Drawing from his extensive background in working with individuals of all ages, Donovan is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of the youth he serves. He takes great pride in using his knowledge and experience to nurture their growth and empower them to overcome challenges.

Over the years, Donovan has been invited to numerous high school graduations, mission farewells, celebrations, and weddings of the students he has worked with and helped while they were in treatment. These invitations serve as a testament to the profound impact he has had on their lives, extending far beyond their time in his care.

Throughout his career, Donovan has been fortunate to have exceptional mentors who have believed in him and helped shape him into the leader he is today. Their guidance and support have been invaluable in honing his skills and nurturing his growth as a program developer and director.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Donovan is an avid sports enthusiast with a particular affinity for basketball. Whether he's on the court playing or cheering on his favorite team, his personal motto, "GO CHARGERS!" reflects his unwavering passion for the game. He has also embraced the pickleball craze, finding joy and camaraderie in this rapidly growing sport.

Joining the team at Sedona Sky Academy marks an exciting new chapter for Donovan, and he is eager to contribute his expertise to provide the best possible care for the students under their wing. With his compassionate leadership, unwavering dedication, and genuine connection with each student, Donovan is poised to make a lasting and positive impact on their lives.