Clinical Excellence

Comprehensive and integrated therapy for the individual, group, and entire family.


Equine Horsemanship

Skills, dedication, and a sense of accomplishment by developing pure bred horses.


Experienced Team

Decades of experience providing excellent, quality, and leading care.


Day in Life

Balancing structure, education, therapy, friendship, and fun.

The Sedona Sky Mission
Founded on warmth, respect, cooperation, friendship, leadership, and compassion. We work together for a common purpose – to enhance each student’s emotional, social, physical, and academic growth.
Large, Private Campus
Stages of Change

“One of the toughest and best decisions I’ve made as a parent. She developed into a strong young woman who can and will do wonderful things for the world.” – David M.


“I couldn’t have imagined a staff so completely committed. The people go above and beyond where the girls feel safe to find their direction again.” – Susan F.


“A place for my daughter to safely face her problems, to learn how to cope with them, and to find herself. It saved her life, and this is not an overstatement.” – Former Parent


99% college placement rate based on challenging academics matched to student’s learning styleLearn More


Sports, recreation, and activities to encourage participation and find new areas to build successLearn More


Students expand their horizons and express themselves with broad art offeringsLearn More


Serve the mind and heart plus serve the community with trips and service activitiesLearn More