Welcome to Sedona Sky Academy

A Therapeutic Boarding School and Residential Treatment Center for Girls – A Place of Guidance and Healing for Young Ladies

Sedona Sky Academy is a specialized academy exclusively for struggling girls ages 13 – 17.  Sedona Sky is unique by offering the best of therapeutic boarding schools (warm environment, strong academics) and residential treatment centers (clinical sophistication, high staff to student ratios). Sedona Sky Academy - A Premier Therapeutic Boarding SchoolSedona Sky is a place of healing, hope, trust, and leadership.  Young women and families heal and hope is restored.  Families and our young girls trust our experienced, exemplary staff and rely on the leading clinical programming we offer. For many young women the adolescent years  are often a difficult time… Sedona Sky Academy is uniquely designed to assist adolescent girls who are struggling to navigate through the teen years.  Our focus is to help the young ladies of Sedona Sky to regain control of their lives, restore their destiny for greatness, and reset their future for something very special. We do this by helping our girls to rebuild trust, live by accountability, display honesty, operate through emotional control, exude self-confidence, and become self-aware.

Happiness, Hope, Memories & Friendships Live Here

Our residential treatment environment combines a warm, inviting campus—specifically built to reflect the best ingredients of a loving home—with the benefits of an intimate setting that encourages academic excellence.  Sedona Sky is truly a healing environment, a special place where young ladies get a second chance to excel. With a clinical sophistication and group specialization, the professional staff of Sedona Sky will meet the specific needs of your daughter by engaging her “where she is” – helping her find a new healthier, happier life path. Residential Treatment Center for Girls Our residential treatment program combined in a therapeutic boarding school environment delivers hope and renewed life through “teen-friendly” individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy – all offered by experienced counselors who are licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Services. Sedona Sky’s clinical specialties include a powerful equine therapy curriculum focused on horsemanship. Girls uniquely find peace and comfort when working with horses, and our equine program is one element that makes Sedona Sky a memorable experience that will last a life time. For our younger girls, the horse therapy includes baby horses (foals) and specific skill building that teaches accountability and directly relates back to the girls’ personal experiences.

What Makes Sedona Sky Academy Special?

Every detail of our restorative program is designed with the unique needs of young ladies ages 13-17. From the sensitivity of our group process, to the bonds we nurture between girls and horses in equine therapy, we work to ensure that our girls experience the kind of therapy that will promote lasting change. We focus on teenage girls who are experiencing emotional issues and are performing under expectations. We don’t admit girls who have history of physical violence, bullying, or severe mental illness.

What Types of Girls Does Sedona Sky Academy Help?

Sedona Sky Academy is a leading therapeutic boarding school for teen girls who exhibit one or more of the following difficulties:

  • Poor Choice of Friends
  • Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

    Natural Horsemanship for Therapeutic Intervention

    Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Poor Self-Esteem
  • Peer Conflict
  • Poor Impulse Control
  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Family Discord
  • Disregarding Rules
  • Sneaking out/Running Away
  • Residential Treatment Center for Girls

    Each Girl Cares for and Works with Her Own Horse.

  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Lack of Appropriate Boundaries
  • Manipulation
  • Feeling Abandoned,
  • High Risk Behavior
  • Poor Body/Self Image
  • Lack of Organization, and/or Underachieving


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