See what it's like at Sedona Sky Academy - We've created a few videos to help you
get to know us!

We've created a few videos to help you get to know some of our staff and students – hopefully you'll be able to get a feel for what it's really like here at Sedona Sky Academy. After you've had a chance to get to know how we can help you and your family, we hope you'll schedule a tour so you can see for yourself the magic that happens every day at Sedona Sky Academy. We're always available and would love to meet you in person.

Tammy About SSA video

Sedona Sky Academy is a specialized school exclusively for struggling girls ages 13-17. Sedona Sky is unique by offering the best of therapeutic boarding schools (warm environment, strong academics) and residential treatment centers (clinical sophistication, high staff to student ratios).

Tammy Equine Therapy video

Sedona Sky Academy is custom tailored for the individual, and we like that. We don't want every student treated the same. We want them to have their specific needs met while they're here, and we have a variety of different ways we do that..

Jason Metzger video

At Sedona Sky Academy, we're a rigorous college prep boarding school, with individualized instruction. We pay great attention to the individualized needs in the classrooms. Our teachers are experts with individualizing their instruction where it's needed, while paying attention to standards and expectations in the classroom..

Rodney Adams video

One of the reasons that parents choose Sedona Sky Academy is, we have an opportunity here for the students to begin learning a lot about themselves. Inevitibly, they begin to understand their role in some of their family's struggles. Then, they begin to focus on what it is they can do to cause positive changes..

Samantha Heytler video

"Last December I got sent to Sedona Sky, and since I've been here, it's actually been a relief. I have people that are going to be there for me, that I can go and talk to if I need, at any time, lots of support.."

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