At Sedona Sky Academy, we understand the unique therapeutic needs of struggling girls and their families, offering a program that is comprehensive, individualized and family-focused. Because each of our students and their families are in different situations, we use the first couple of weeks that each student is with us to get to know her and the family in order to tailor the treatment to her needs. Each individual and family therapy session is then tailored to the needs of the individual and the family. We also emphasize Group Therapy sessions, which are also used to teach important principles that are needed across the community.

Every therapy session, individual, group and family, is guided by experienced and licensed therapists. Participation in a variety of therapeutic settings enables students to focus on issues such as honesty, integrity, trust, responsibility, accountability, anger, self-esteem, and self- awareness. Students participate in a variety of therapeutic environments in order to constantly reinforce the things they are learning. Our clinicians pull from many modalities in order to facilitate this growth, including: Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Theraplay, and Systems Theory.

Individual therapy

Individual Therapy

Each student has a 1-hour long individual therapy session with their primary therapist every week. These sessions are used to process and reinforce skills obtained in group therapy, review progress related to goals and objectives identified in earlier sessions, problem solve, process struggles and receive support and guidance. The therapist guides each student and ensures that individual needs, strengths and abilities guide the treatment plan.

Group therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a significant aspect of the Sedona Sky Academy Therapeutic Program. We believe that the group process is a powerful tool for adolescents and provides for peer interaction that can greatly enhance the therapeutic experience. Through the sharing of ideas, experiences, knowledge, and support; adolescents come to understand they are not alone in this process and that by having positive interactions they can create a culture of healing and well-being. Group therapy is offered daily, Monday through Friday, for Sedona Sky Academy students.

Group therapy

Group Therapy (cont..)

We believe this to be a vital concept to adolescents in understanding the importance of surrounding themselves with positive people throughout their lifetime and to find and maintain motivation to continue pushing themselves beyond what they perceive they are capable of. We also use time spent in school and the residential milieu as a means in which to help students learn to self-assess, problem solve as a community and identify areas in which to build upon strengths and abilities.

Family therapy

Family Participation

Family involvement is of utmost importance and the family is involved every step of the way through the therapeutic process. Although there are many things that our students need to change, more often than not they are not solely responsible for the problems within the family. As a result, each student's parents and family are involved through the use of family therapy, quarterly family workshops, and family visits.


Transition Coaching

At Sedona Sky Academy we are dedicated to helping each of the young women in our care develop the skills necessary to live healthy lives. However, we understand that treatment has a higher likelihood of persisting if we continue treatment for a period of time after our students return home. We want to ensure that we do our part in helping each of our girls be successful as they return to their regular lives at home.

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Equine therapy

Equine Therapy

In addition to our Horsemanship Program, we also have an equine therapy program. Equine therapy can be extremely powerful for our students as they learn a lot about themselves and the values of respect and trust.

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