Building Community and Perspective Through Service

Service helps our girls develop compassion, self-awareness and the ability to self-reflect. One of our highest values at Sedona Sky Academy is making a contribution to our community, and instilling in our students the importance of service to others.

Students find the experience of helping others as pivotal in helping them gain perspective and be more appreciative for the wonderful gifts and talents each of them possesses. You can find our students and staff taking weekly service adventures to perform service work.

A few service projects might include the following:
  • Bread of Life
  • Adopt a Highway
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Rainbow Acres (for the developmentally disabled)
  • Assisted living homes (in Sedona and Camp Verde)
  • Feeding the homeless
  • Head Start Program
  • Library service (playing games and reading to kids)
Better Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness
Self-reflection and self-awareness

Sedona Sky Academy encourages students to develop a personal connection with themselves. In spending time in the community serving others, we believe our students develop a greater sense of self. These service opportunities also give students the opportunity to self-reflect and understand how the world doesn't revolve around them and how they fit into the community. Through community service work, we believe students improve self-esteem and develop a true sense of purpose for their future successes in life.

These off campus community service projects occur 3–4 times a week, representing an incredible amount of work and the impact the girls can have on others. And every girl has the opportunity to develop new community service projects that deal with an issue dear to their heart.

These projects not only warm the heart, but reinforce our academic curriculum, and are great for resumes and school applications. Whether planting a garden or working on arts and crafts projects to share with a senior home, these experiences build compassion and demonstrate how service can fill a life with meaning.

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