Sedona Sky Middle School has designed an academic curriculum to serve grades 5-8.

Sedona Sky Middle School (SSMS) accepts middle school girls, ages 11-14. We are uniquely situated to be able to meet the needs of both the younger student and less mature early teen that may not be ready to join high school peers. As your student grows slightly older, we can continue to offer services through our sister high school (SSHS).

Middle school can be a difficult and confusing time for young girls. As parents begin to address concerns for their daughters, they are often confronted with differing opinions and diagnoses about what might be behind her poor behavior, changing attitude and difficulties. In a nutshell, the SSMS student is complicated, and we know what to do.

We are here because middle school girls deserve a place that understands the complexity of growing up in today's world. The strength, creativity and curiosity commonly possessed by younger children are often lost in the transition from childhood to the teen years. Options and choices rush toward them faster than they are able to find the balance between friends, school and family.

We understand this complex family dynamic, and have created a program designed to meet these needs.

program designed for young girls
  • We are Relational: Our team is filled with people who have spent their professional lives working withadolescents and their families. Our staff is educated, experienced and caring.
  • We are Intentional: We have created an environment where young girls can begin to thrive and grow intoconfident, resilient teenage girls.
  • We are Developmental: We help them find their voice, standing up for the values they have been taught. We build on their strengths while we help them overcome weaknesses. They become hopeful, confident, resilient and well prepared to walk forward toward their goals.
  • We are Experiential: Our environment keeps them safe while allowing them to learn, explore and experience the world. We engage them in each and every learning opportunity.
supporting young girls

Supporting young girls and families

Our goal is to restore families much like yours. All departments coordinate efforts to integrate academics, social life and therapy in supporting young girls and families. Our clinical team is relationship focused, believing that the best motivator for change is a strong relationship with caring adults.

We believe in using natural and logical consequences. We are empathetic, honest and set firm boundaries with kindness and respect. Everyone on the SSMS team knows each student and understands the teamwork necessary to support our students as they grow.

attitude of sisterhood

Encouraging an attitude of sisterhood

As an early teenager, the SSMS girl is yearning for a group to belong to and be accepted by. She may or may not have found this at home and has lost hope of ever doing so. We purposefully encourage and foster an attitude of sisterhood within our school community. Our girls learn about healthy friendship, celebrating the successes of not only themselves, but of others.

As they grow, they learn to reach out to others. They develop life-long friendships. SSMS challenges their minds, their bodies and their spirits. They return to the family as the girl parents have always known was there.

Our typical student profile includes but is not limited to:

  • Family conflict
  • Loss and/or grief
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Mood or emotional instability
  • Executive functioning issues (ADHD, LD, ASD, NLD)
  • Misuse of social media and electronics
  • Social and peer interaction difficulties
  • School difficulties or avoidance

Sedona Sky Academy Academics

The academic program at Sedona Sky Academy is grounded in direct classroom instruction. As a teacher-based school, we do not resort to independent study, online work, or go-at-your-own-pace packet work except in rare instances. We feel that the human element in education is crucial, and that the learning process for adolescents should be collaborative, social, and collective.

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arts programs

Arts Programs

At Sedona Sky Academy, we believe that creative pursuits and cultural education are part of a well-rounded life. Our students love the chance to express themselves in different ways and share their artistic gifts with our community. Whether singing together or finishing their latest painting, girls build confidence by showcasing their finished work.

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typical day

A Typical Day

Sedona Sky Academy provides teenage girls an ideal balance of structure, education, therapy and fun. Weekdays are primarily focused on school and therapy, with time set aside for playing sports, doing chores, and finishing homework. Students can play basketball, soccer, volleyball and softball, start a game of four square on our court, or engage in some other form of physical activity each day.

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campus - rec room

Sedona Sky Academy Campus

Sedona Sky Academy's facilities take advantage of the mild climate and beautiful scenery to provide a unique environment for our residential treatment center. The school is nestled in a valley close to pine-covered peaks, ancient ruins, rivers, hiking trails, and wide open spaces. Students have the opportunity to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

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