We offer the best features of both therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers.

Sedona Sky Academy is a specialized high school, serving girls ages 14-18, who may be struggling with a variety of issues that have previously limited their success. We are unique in that we offer the best features of both therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. We provide high quality, evidence-based clinical services, college preparatory academics, a full array of expressive and experiential arts and a low staff to student ratio, all within a warm, nurturing and healthy living environment.

The Sedona Sky mission is to meet students "Where they are," helping them heal and rebuild new and healthy pathways with their families. In this regard, we hold firmly to the core beliefs that each student is unique, powerful, and has a bright future ahead of them. We utilize a strength-based approach, reconnecting our students to their passions and interests. We teach self-advocacy and help our students learn to make healthy lifelong choices. We teach the value of service and the importance of giving to others.

Our students live in a compassionate environment that prepares them to transition to young adulthood. Most of all, we believe in the healing power of reconnecting daughters to their family.

important tenants - ssa student girls

We do this by focusing on four important tenants:

  • We are Relational: This means that our staff is focused on building healthy relationships and working as strong mentors, demonstrating boundaries with care and consistency.
  • We are Intentional: Every program component, class offering and activity is specifically planned and designed to bring our students to the ultimate aim of healing and creating a hopeful future.
  • We are Developmental: We are aware of and understand the developmental needs of adolescents to belong to a community that accepts them, cares for them and holds them accountable for their actions, ultimately helping them make healthy choices, build self-esteem and develop self-awareness.
  • We are Experiential: We know that adolescents learn best when utilizing a holistic approach. SSA emphasizes learning through social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative experiences.
we are relational

We Are Relational

Sedona Sky Academy utilizes a trauma-informed, attachment and relationship-based model. Our clinical team understands the best motivator for change is a strong, trust-filled connection with caring adults. We are empathetic, honest and set firm boundaries with kindness and respect. Sedona Sky therapists lead our students to identify their core challenges, teach them new coping skills and ultimately assist in repairing damaged family relationships.

Residential mentors and teachers support this work throughout the school day, in the dorms and during activities. We build on each individual's gifts, talents and strengths, encouraging them to become positively engaged in their community.

we are intentional

We Are Intentional

Sedona Sky Academy provides a vibrant, supportive, individualized learning environment. Our accredited academic component mirrors that of a traditional boarding school and ensures our students will be able to achieve the academic skills for success. Well qualified and dedicated instructors help our students meet or exceed their goals.

SSA assesses student academic benchmarks and creates an academic plan to meet their needs. Our goal is to help students to love learning again and reopen pathways for the future. Sedona Sky Academy meets or exceeds the requirements for graduation in the State of Arizona.

we are developmental

We Are Developmental

Sedona Sky instruction is teacher-led and classroom-based. In special circumstances, independent study-including college work-may be arranged for an individual student as deemed appropriate for her ability and college preparation track. Our classes are small, generally meeting an 8-1 student to faculty ratio.

Academic instructors use creative approaches in their classes, taking advantage of our unique location in the Sedona, Arizona area, drawing upon local cultural, historic and geological riches. Other studies take place further afield, which include enriching leadership programs and field trips.

we are experiential

We Are Experiential

Like any boarding school, our students live in dorms on campus. Students practice responsible group living; including the upkeep and cleaning of personal and community living areas. Our daily schedule mirrors real life with morning chores, school, therapy, meals, evening study hall and relaxation time.

The structure and safety we provide with 24 hour staffing allows students to focus on the work they are here to do. The evenings and weekends at SSA offer students time to relax and enjoy activities both on and off campus. Our activities at SSA are intentionally designed around building relationships of trust with themselves and with others.


Sedona Sky Academy Academics

The academic program at Sedona Sky Academy is grounded in direct classroom instruction. As a teacher-based school, we do not resort to independent study, online work, or go-at-your-own-pace packet work except in rare instances. We feel that the human element in education is crucial, and that the learning process for adolescents should be collaborative, social, and collective.

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college preparation

College Preparation

Sedona Sky Academy offers a challenging, fully accredited college preparatory academic curriculum along with an academic credit recovery program for troubled girls who have fallen behind in school. Our curriculum and credits are nationally recognized and accredited through Cognia™ (formerly AdvancED) and will transfer to colleges, universities and high schools throughout the US.

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arts programs

Arts Programs

At Sedona Sky Academy, we believe that creative pursuits and cultural education are part of a well-rounded life. Our students love the chance to express themselves in different ways and share their artistic gifts with our community. Whether singing together or finishing their latest painting, girls build confidence by showcasing their finished work.

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campus - rec room

Sedona Sky Academy Campus

Sedona Sky Academy's facilities take advantage of the mild climate and beautiful scenery to provide a unique environment for our residential treatment center. The school is nestled in a valley close to pine-covered peaks, ancient ruins, rivers, hiking trails, and wide open spaces. Students have the opportunity to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

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