Sedona Sky Academy offers a comprehensive athletic and wellness program.

We believe that true healing takes place when mind, body and spirit grow together. As part of this growth, Sedona Sky Academy offers a comprehensive athletic and wellness program. This program includes competitive sports: volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball. It also includes more individual and creative endeavors like yoga and dance. Physical fitness is a core part of our student experience.

No matter what background, physical activities and wellness can make all the difference for every teen at a boarding school for troubled girls. Sports and physical activity build our students' confidence and teach the lifelong value of good health. Running, playing, and having a good time outdoors are a healthy part of any childhood, and we are dedicated to giving our girls the athletic opportunities they need.


Students participate in exercise

Physical well-being contributes so much to overall happiness and success in life, so physical activity plays an important role in our therapeutic program. Students here participate in exercise and conditioning, as well as intramural and competitive team sports.


Competitive team sports

The girls also participate in traditional sports such as cross country, track & field, basketball, and volleyball. *Based on student interest and community availability. Team sports are coached by staff members, and our teams play competitively against other schools in the area. Our premises include courts, a track, and a full-sized soccer field. Sports offer the experience of being part of a team, pushing yourself toward goals, and just enjoying the benefits of physical exercise.

Benefits of Athletics in Behavioral Health

We follow research and evidence-based best practices at Sedona Sky Academy, and the benefits of team based sports for troubled young women are overwhelming. The excitement on game days around campus is contagious, and the camaraderie that students feel as they train and set goals is truly special.

A few of the documented benefits of team-based sports from the Women's Health Foundation are:

  • Girls who play sports do better in school – You might think that athletics will take up all the study time, but research shows that girls who play sports do better in school and are more likely to graduate than those who don't. Exercise improves learning, memory, and concentration, which can give active girls an advantage in the classroom.
  • Girls who play sports learn teamwork and goal-setting skills – Working with coaches, trainers, and teammates to win games and meet goals is great practice for success later in life. Being a team player can make it easier to work with others and solve problems, whether on the field or in the workplace.
  • Sports and exercise help improve mood. Sedona Sky recognizes the importance of including exercise in the daily routine of our girls to help improve mood.
  • Sports have hidden health benefits – Some benefits of sports are obvious, like improving fitness and maintaining a healthy weight. But teen girls who play sports are also less likely to smoke, and have a reduced chance of getting breast cancer and osteoporosis later in life.
  • Playing sports builds self-confidence – Girls involved in athletics feel better about themselves, both physically and socially. It helps to build confidence when you see your skills improving and your goals becoming reality. Other esteem-boosting benefits of sports participation include getting in shape, maintaining a healthy weight, and making new friends.
  • Exercise can cut the pressure – Pressure is a big part of life. Playing sports can help you deal with it, since exercise is a natural mood lifter and a great way to relieve stress and fight depression. Plus, when you are on a team, you have friends who support you both on and off the field.
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