Our extensive arts program: Encouraging creativity, confidence and self-expression.

At Sedona Sky Academy, we believe that creative pursuits and cultural education are part of a well-rounded life. Our students love the chance to express themselves in different ways and share their artistic gifts with our community. Whether singing together or finishing their latest painting, girls build confidence by showcasing their finished work.

We have integrated the arts to foster creative expression, and to provide outlets geared at building confidence in our students. Sedona Sky Academy has always attracted very talented students, many with astounding artistic abilities. We have always embraced these capacities, and increased their learning with our Arts Program.

Visual arts

Visual Arts

We offer art courses that introduce students to various techniques and styles of visual art. With pencil, acrylic paint, oil pastels, charcoal, paper mache, and clay, students explore fundamental ideas such as line, shape, color, space, texture, and balance. Our girls have created beautiful self-portraits, still-lifes, and landscapes, as well as sculptures and even plans for interior design.

Our instructors also cover the history of art itself, guiding girls through the most significant and compelling elements in the long story of human culture.

Performing arts

Performing Arts

Choir – Choral students are introduced to the basics of vocal technique and individual and ensemble singing. They learn songs from a standard choral repertoire, as well as show tunes, folk tunes, and inspirational. The girls are also introduced to the lives and music of great composers, and are taught elements of music appreciation. Typically, students in this class perform in public, both on-campus and off-campus.

Musical theater – Students investigate the operatic roots of the musical play, and become familiar with the works of prominent composers of the genre such as Verdi, Mozart, Wagner, Bizet, and Puccini. This class culminates in the full-scale production of a musical for the school.

Culinary arts

Culinary Arts

Experience and research show that there is a correlation between the health of our student's minds and bodies. This is part of the reason we have introduced an innovative Culinary Arts program at Sedona Sky, it's a great experience and the students love it! We strive to help our girls get healthier by helping them understand what healthy eating looks like and feels like.

Led by a culinary arts instructor with a passion for helping others, our culinary arts program helps our girls learn the basics of cooking in order to make foods they love and learn about better nutrition in a hands-on environment.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Arts

The therapeutic benefits of artistic expression are well documented, and at Sedona Sky Academy, we believe that the arts are a powerful and healing medium that can be utilized in residential treatment centers.

Some of the very important benefits that struggling teen girls experience from artistic expression are:

  • Communication Skills: A painting or drawing is an expression of feeling. What a student may not be able to put to words, they might find a release and a form through artistic expression.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Art requires constant experimentation and assessment. This process improves a young woman's problem solving skills.
  • Social & Emotional Skills: Art helps foster a healthy sense of self and core identity, as well as self-efficacy.
  • Self-Expression and Creativity: Art at its most basic level is about expression. There is no "right" and "wrong." Teens often feel judged and confined by others' beliefs. With art, they are free to explore and create a masterpiece as they see it.

It is our role to encourage this creative process and allow the benefits to spill over into other areas of their life. There is no "perfect" in art. There is just the journey, which is a great analogy for life and a student's time at Sedona Sky Academy.

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