Students come to Sedona Sky Academy for multiple reasons.

The academic program at Sedona Sky Academy is grounded in direct classroom instruction. As a teacher-based school, we do not resort to independent study, online work, or go-at-your-own-pace packet work except in rare instances. We feel that the human element in education is crucial, and that the learning process for adolescents should be collaborative, social, and collective.

Classes at Sedona Sky Academy are small, with a faculty-to-student ratio of approximately 1:8. Instruction is classroom-based, although in special circumstances, independent study (including college credit work) may be arranged. Many of our students may have specific diagnosed learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, executive functioning deficits or other academic challenges.

Individualized academic plans

Our classes are small and individualized in order to provide scaffolded instruction to meet their needs. We incorporate individualized academic plans to identify strengths, challenges and accommodations or modifications that would best help learning needs.

IEP plans for students

These plans are made based upon all available information and discussed as a team incorporating administration, teachers, parents, clinicians, residential staff, parents and the student herself. As a result, Sedona Sky can fully accommodate IEP plans for students.

Weekly progress reports

Every week, our academic faculty communicates with the students, then with the families back home with progress reports. We help our students meet goals and see their progress, which helps to rebuild their confidence and commitment to scholastic excellence.

Jason Metzger - Academic Director

Sedona Sky Academy is a specialized school exclusively for struggling girls. Sedona Sky is unique by offering the best of therapeutic boarding schools (warm environment, strong academics) and residential treatment centers (clinical sophistication, high staff to student ratios).

Curriculum - Classes Offered

Our Nationally Accredited High School Core Curriculum

The number in parentheses is the minimum number of years of instruction in that discipline that is required for an SSA diploma. The credits should be obtained from the classes listed, or comparable courses from other schools.

  • English (4) Includes: Language Arts, American Literature, World Literature, British Literature, Women's Literature, Creative Writing, and Journalism.
  • Mathematics (3) Includes: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Consumer Math, Statistics and Probability.
  • Social Studies (3) Includes: World History, Geography, American History, American Government, Sociology, Economics, and Psychology.
  • Science (2) Includes: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Agricultural Science, and Anatomy/Physiology.
  • Foreign Language (2) Includes: Spanish 1-4 - Other languages including French and ASL may be taken online administered by supportive teachers.
  • Fine Arts (1.5) Includes: Drama, Painting & Drawing, Three-dimensional Design, Advanced Art, Photography, Music/Chorus, and Ceramics.
  • Health (0.5) Includes: Health.
  • Physical Education (1.5) Includes: The traditional physical education regimen + Zumba Fitness class.
  • Additional Electives (4) Includes: Life Experiences, Food & Nutrition, Personal Development, Work/Study, T.A., Journalism, Culinary Arts, Horsemanship, Agriculture, and Capstone Project.

*Courses are offered based on need, availability and interest. Not all courses are offered every semester.

College preparation

College Preparation

In addition to our regular academic schedule, we provide college preparation for upper-classmen. We provide SAT and ACT preparation classes and we provide girls the opportunity to participate in AP and college-level courses if that is where they are at academically. Working in collaboration with parents, we also assist students with college selection and application procedures.

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Arts programs

Arts Programs

We offer an extensive Arts Program to our students at Sedona Sky. Our girls are able to participate in visual arts and culinary arts. We have found that these programs facilitate the girls ability to express themselves and gain self-confidence.

*Classes are offered based on student interest.

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