Sedona Sky Academy is a residential treatment center for girls that struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma-related issues. The typical student is in the process of figuring out who she is and who she wants to become and struggles personally, academically and socially. Our goal at Sedona Sky is to help these girls find success and become their best selves.

Residential treatment centers are designed to help individuals develop the tools and knowledge they need to live successful and productive lives. Sedona Sky does just that at their safe, nurturing, and therapeutic environment in Arizona. Sedona Sky's students transform through practicing healthy boundaries, experiencing healthy relationships and gaining insight through intensive, specialized therapy.

Focusing exclusively on adolescent girls

Focusing exclusively on adolescent girls

Sedona Sky Academy is a girls-only program. This is because teenage girls are unique and often deal with and react to challenges differently than their male counterparts. By focusing exclusively on adolescent girls, we create an environment that removes competitiveness for male attention and allows for a greater focus on the changes they need to make in each of their individual lives.

Where healing occurs every single day

Where healing occurs every single day

Our warm, welcoming environment combined with our exceptional staff, therapeutic sophistication, and academic strengths make this a place where healing occurs every single day, step by wonderful step. Sedona Sky's approach is based on decades of experience and a team that has worked together to build treatment centers for depression and defiance that change the lives of our teen girls and their families.

Our Mission Statement

We work with our young female students "where they are" and help the families of our students work together to find a new healthful path. We are especially passionate and dedicated to the success of all of our young women students, and are guided by our mission to make a difference.

meet our staff

Meet Our Staff

Our goal at Sedona Sky is to find the most experienced and most passionate staff who want to make a difference in the lives of our young women. Every staff member undergoes a rigorous interview and training process. Led by our administrative team, our staff guide and support the young women to become their best selves. Many of our staff have decades of experience working with adolescents in a variety of capacities. When you come onto campus, you will find a warm, welcoming team environment with everyone working towards the same common goal: Helping our young girls grow into amazing young women.

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10 essential questions

10 Essential Questions

With so many choices and the barrage of information on the internet parents can be left feeling overwhelmed. They may ask themselves questions like: How do I make the best choice? How do I find a program that is uniquely suited to my daughter’s needs? These are a few questions that we at Sedona Sky Academy feel can help guide parents through this important process.

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accreditation and licensing

Accreditation and Licensing

It is important to know if the program that is caring for your child is accredited and licensed and by whom. Sedona Sky Academy is licensed by the state of Arizona as well as many other organizations.

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service learning

Service Learning

One of our highest values at Sedona Sky Academy is making a contribution to our community, and instilling in our students the importance of service to others. We invite our girls to participate in many different service projects throughout the year in order to help them understand what it is like to be part of a community and how they can make a difference in the lives of others.

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video gallery

Video Gallery

Curious to see what Sedona Sky’s campus looks like and different activities that your daughter will be participating in? Check out our video gallery!

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Are you interested in working side-by-side with us as we make a difference in these young women’s lives? We would love to add you to our team. Please reach out and we will get you in contact with the right people.

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