Stephanie Sterrett
Stephanie Sterrett

Admissions Coordinator

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Stephanie started working Residential Care in 2006 and immediately enjoyed working directly with the students in a supportive role. After a few years as a Residential Lead, she then came to diversify her experience with Paul Ravenscraft in the Admissions Department.

Being able to share with parents and professionals the daily life aspects of what makes Sedona Sky Academy a unique and empowering experience for young ladies has been rewarding, especially, in seeing the end result of their journey at graduation.

Looking back on the past 9 years of working with adolescent girls has been a sentimental journey filled with gratitude in having the opportunity to know each of the girls and their families.

Stephanie graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from University of Maryland, although her other interests of study include Anthropology and Archaeology, which she shares with her mother and sister.