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SSA Therapy at a Glance

Sedona Sky Therapy at a Glance

Developmental Model of Treatment

SSA therapeutic interventions are based on adolescent and family development models, brain development, internal and external dynamics.

We explore the dynamics of childhood experiences, family relationships, attachment style, parenting style, learning styles, personality traits, self-destructive thinking and behaviors that have become a barrier to safety and complete happiness and success.

Developmental Model of Treatment

  • Treatment team approach [BHT, BHPP, BHP]
  • Weekly individual with primary therapist [client centered and strengths focus]
  • Unique Learning and Study Groups [attention to learning style and organization skills to improve focus and retention]
  • Weekly family sessions with primary therapist [restoration of trust and safety]
  • Special Risk Training
  • Daily Group Therapy [safety, health, substance, self-harm, esteem, addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, choices, personal growth, autonomy]
  • Monthly Motivational Themes [authenticity, integrity, acceptance, resiliency, hope]
  • Core Project Development [express and develop talents, passions, abilities]
  • EMDR trained therapists for individual sessions [treatment for anxiety, trauma, depression, obsessive thoughts, compulsions]
  • Closed Trauma Groups [evidence based EMDR or exposure/imagery to build bonds and strength]
  • Integrative Theoretical Approach- in group and individual therapy [DBT, CBT, MET, MI, CPT, psychoeducational by master level therapists]
  • Relationships and Family Values Focus [family dynamics and damaged relationships]
  • Character Assessments and Building [ongoing developmental model to mitigate destructive thinking patters and behaviors that are a barrier to healthy personalities]
  • Psychiatric and Medication Management [genetic testing]
  • Nutrition and Culinary [healthy decisions and life skills]
  • Self-study with therapist [addictive thinking, mindfulness, individuation]
  • Community Group Processing [pride in community and care for others]
  • Guided Meditation Evening Groups [stress reduction and regulation]
  • AA/NA Peer Groups [build skills, community, and support for each other]
  • Psychological Testing [licensed psychologist]
  • Personal Safety Plans [ongoing and strengths based]
  • Extensive Referral System [transitional living, college, homebound]
  • Equine and Horsemanship [unique program that allows the adolescent to engage in equine therapeutic groups and individual
Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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