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Group Therapy

Experiential Group Therapy

Promoting Positive Peer Interaction

Group therapy is a significant aspect of the Sedona Sky Academy Therapeutic Program. We believe that the group process is a powerful tool for adolescents and provides for peer interaction that can greatly enhance the therapeutic experience.

Through the sharing of ideas, experiences, knowledge, and support; adolescents come to understand they are not alone in this process and that by having positive interactions they can create a culture of healing and wellbeing.

We believe this to be a vital concept to adolescents in understanding the importance of surrounding themselves with positive people throughout their lifetime and to find and maintain motivation to continue pushing themselves beyond what they perceive they are capable of.

Sedona Sky Academy students attend a minimum of 6 hours per week of group therapy, however the group process is embedded in the school culture. We also use time spent in school and the residential milieu as a means in which to help students learn to self-assess, problem solve as a community and identify areas in which to build upon strengths and abilities.

Art Therapy

These groups offer an avenue for releasing emotion that may be difficult to otherwise express in words. Art therapy provides a productive outlet for thoughts and emotions by tapping into a student’s creativity and oftentimes hidden talents. This modality of therapy can also be co-facilitated with academics, such as during an art class, and used for individual work with a student’s primary therapist.

Markers for troubled teen art therapy
Art Therapy for Troubled Teens

Psychosocial Groups

These groups allow students to engage in athletic, recreational and social activities that are led in group format to increase and encourage positive interaction with peers, staff and others within our local community.

In these group students learn about team work, community, cooperation, leadership, abilities, following direction and development of social skills that will provide them with a foundation for making positive choices and finding balance in their lives.

Girls Playing Volleyball in Group Therapy Activity
Girls Choir at Residential Treatment Center

Community Processing Groups – Psychoeducational

These groups are led by master level therapists to help build a student’s “tool box.” Students learn about and process information related to a multitude of subjects, such as substance use, anger, stress, fear, depression, anxiety, conflict, leadership and an array of other topics that can affect healthy functioning throughout life.

Discussion and processing of these topics allow for students to learn critical thinking and begin to develop a sense of their own patterns of thoughts and beliefs. Students also use this information to help them learn about and develop healthy strategies to overcome difficulties they might encounter in their everyday life and to further develop their strengths.

Motivational Speaker in Group Therapy
Speaker at Emotional Growth Lecture
Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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