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Family Focus

Reunifying and Healing Families

Our Family-Focused Approach to Therapy

Sedona Sky Academy’s staff has worked with over 1600 families. The reunification and healing of these families has been one of the most rewarding aspects of our program. As a parent, you may be thinking that no one understands and that things are beyond repair. You may have tried multiple interventions, and countless hours of family therapy while things continued to deteriorate at home.

We are here to tell you that you are not alone.  Things can and do get better.

We understand that helping your child does not end with the programming occurring at Sedona Sky.  Rather, the entire family needs time to heal and skills to prepare for a different future.

Comprehensive and Intensive Family Focus

As one of the most unique therapeutic boarding schools, Sedona Sky integrates family healing in every step of our process. From weekly family therapy sessions to Skype calls and experiential family workshops to progressive home visits and comprehensive aftercare planning, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Parent Calls

Parents are invited to call their daughter’s therapist weekly. As students earn phone calls and on and off campus visits with their parents, the calls to the therapist decrease to every other week. The purpose of each call is to look at the family dynamics that have contributed to the need to place the child at a therapeutic boarding school and to begin to develop more effective communication skills.

Parent Workshops

Powerful personal growth seminars are offered to parents and families each month. These seminars focus on the parents’ issues and assist the parents in taking responsibility for their part in the family dynamic that led to the child’s behavior.

If the child returns to the same environment in which the behavior occurred originally, the likelihood of relapse is high.  Our goal is not to look backwards, rather to focus on the opportunity this presents for healthier, happier relationships with your child.

Family Workshops

Parents and students attend family workshops together to gain clarity about their family dynamics, help with parenting skills, work on unresolved issues, and rebuild communication and trust.

A Family Living Agreement, developed jointly by the parents and the student, helps guide the transition home.

Our veteran staff members understand the struggles of your unique situation and will connect you with the support of other families who share similar struggles.

You will emerge from this experience stronger, wiser, and healthier, with the tools you need to have a healthy relationship with your daughter. Your daughter will also have gained a healthy sense of self, and hope for a bright future.

Support Services Available

We offer additional family support services to further customize our program to your family’s needs.

  • Parent Coaching
  • Home Studies
  • Aftercare Services and Planning
  • Regular Family Social Calls
In home visit for troubled teen families
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