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Meet our Horses and Instructors

Meet Our Horses and Instructors

Like Our Girls – Each One is Unique, and One of a Kind..

Horses are magnificent animals.  Each has a personality of its own, and girls are naturally drawn to one over the others because of how they connect.

The girls love their horses, and learn how to feed and care for their needs. We invite you to meet the wonderful animals that will certainly become your daughters trusted friend.

My name is Alaska!

My name is Alaska. I am a 14 year old Arabian from Arizona.  I have experience in Western Pleasure riding.   I love being groomed and love working with the girls each day.

My Name is Vista!

My name is Vista. I am a 21 year old Paint Horse from Arizona.  I love long trail rides in the open air around Sedona Sky and spending time with the girls.

My Name is Marilyn!

My name is Marilyn. I am a 21 year old paint horse.

I love having my ears scratched, early morning rides along the river, and I especially love doing therapy with the girls.

My Name is Patches!

My name is Patches.  I am a 21 year old quarter paint horse.

I am new to Equine therapy, and I’m learning a lot of new things.  I enjoy having fun with the girls and hanging out with the other horses.

My Name is Pumpkin!

My name is Pumpkin. I am a 20 year old quarter horse.

I enjoy doing trail rides, but mostly like spending time with the girls doing therapy.

My Name is Sunny!

My name is Sunny. I am a registered Appaloosa.  I have lived at Sedona Sky Academy the longest.

I love trail rides and spending time with the girls.

My Name is Buster!

My name is Buster.  I am a 27 year old Mustang (yes, a mustang).  I am an old trail horse and I love the attention the girls give me.  I enjoy trail riding and running barrels.

My Name is Liv!

My name is Liv. I am a 14yr Arabian. I have experience in Western Pleasure riding. I am a barrel horse and enjoy trail rides.

My Name is Rainbow Sparkles!

My name is Rainbow Sparkles. I am a Shetland pony. I enjoy being groomed by the girls and spending time with the other horses.

My Name is Dash
My Name is Dash!

My name is Dash. I am a miniature horse. I am the official mascot for Sedona Sky Academy. I love spending them with the girls hanging out.

Meet our Instructors

Breanna Hicks is the Lead Riding Instructor for Sedona Sky Academy. Breanna has been riding for 21yrs. She has competed in the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA).

Breanna raised and broke her own horse. She currently trains horses, teaches riding, barrels and poles. Breanna was raised in Camp Verde, Arizona and continues to compete in local races. She loves her work with the girls and horses at Sedona Sky Academy.

Breanna Hicks - Lead Riding Instructor

Corrin Davis has 14 years of horse experience. She has showed in Western Pleasure, Hunter Jumper, and most recently Barrel Racing. She has won multiple ribbons and belt buckles for each discipline.

She graduated The University of Arizona with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science with an Emphasis in Equine. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with the girls of Sedona Sky Academy.

Corrin Davis - Instructor
Corrin Davis - Instructor
Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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