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Transitioning Back Into the Home

Ongoing Planning and Clinical Support

Sedona Sky Academy is very proud to provide program graduates and their families with a comprehensive Aftercare Program.

This safety net provides ongoing planning and clinical support upon a student’s return home.  This evidenced based program is designed to support healthy transitions and provide successful outcomes during this important time.

Aftercare Helps Transitioning Back to the Home

Families receive an intensive two and a half day in home planning session by their personal transitional coach, a licensed therapist.  This session will be followed by eight weeks on Skype support for the family and daughter.

Families also receive 24/7 access to a support line for extra support and guidance.  Additional packages for extended lengths of support are available.

We believe in protecting the hard earned gains that your family has made and providing you the peace of mind that comes with a successful and healthy transition.

Principles of Aftercare

The goal is to provide the most cost-effective, research-based aftercare support options available to assist families and graduates with the transition into life after their experience at Sedona Sky. The following principles guide the aftercare program implementation:

Education: Families are educated about the important role of good aftercare in greater long-term success following treatment. Parents and girls participate in a variety of learning experiences relative to aftercare/transition throughout the treatment process to increase understanding and preparation for this vital time.

Community: From the onset, parents and siblings are a part of the family therapeutic process at Sedona Sky. Families are directed and supported in the process of building support systems and teamwork both within the Sedona Sky system, as well as within their family and home system. A sense of community can be incredibly important in continuing success after treatment.

Innovation: As families invest in the process of treatment and prepare for aftercare, they are encouraged to utilize new skills and processes in developing the support necessary for the long-term success of their daughter and family. This process often requires new ways of thinking, acting and collaborating, which require creativity and openness to new ideas.

A Valuable Resource for Planning

Upon admission, families will receive a copy of the book:

Not By Chance: How Parent’s Boost Their Teen’s Success In and After Treatment, by Tim Thayne, Ph.D.

This is the beginning of your education about the treatment process and preparation for transition of your daughter from Sedona Sky Academy to the home.

In-Home Visit with Transition Specialist

Preparation for the transition home continues throughout the treatment process. However, during the last 3 months of care, this preparation intensifies. Our transition specialist begins working more intensively with the family, resident and therapist to assist in this important process. There are several program components that move into high gear at this stage, for both parents and daughter.

In addition, shortly after discharge, the transition specialist will travel to the family’s home to conduct a home visit, providing specialized consultation and support services, coaching, education and development of natural mentors and support systems for the child in the home community.

The completion of this aftercare program greatly enhances long-term success for those families who participate. For this reason, the Sedona Sky’s aftercare program is considered part of the process and is fully integrated into the program.

In home visit for troubled teen families
Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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