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Sedona Sky’s Therapeutic Program

Comprehensive & Individualized Therapy

At Sedona Sky Academy, we understand the unique therapeutic needs of struggling girls and their families, offering a comprehensive and individualized program designed for each individual student.

Our Therapeutic Process

Students participate in individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy with experienced therapists who are individually licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Services.

The hard work of our clinical team combined with the dedication of our students looking to make lifelong changes make our residential treatment program for girls so effective.

Participation in a series of workshops enables students to focus on issues such as honesty, integrity, trust, responsibility, accountability, anger, self-esteem, and self- awareness. We believe that each student is unique and has designed a program that reaches students and families using a variety of approaches.

Individual Therapy

Students at Sedona Sky Academy meet twice a week for individual therapy with their assigned therapist. Therapists also reserve additional time each week for any students who need it.

All therapists at Sedona Sky Academy are Master’s level and licensed, or license eligible, by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Services. They bring a wide range of training, skills, and approaches to our therapeutic program.

Unlike other residential treatment centers, our primary approach is dialectal behavioral therapy, and some of our therapists additionally have extensive training in parent-child conflict, academic issues, attachment disorder, depression, substance abuse, and trauma.

Group Therapy

Each therapist has a maximum caseload of 8 students. This group of students meets daily with their assigned therapist. The purpose of this group is for the students to further explore their issues in a supportive environment alongside their peers. Adolescents are much more driven by their need for peer acceptance than by concern for an adult’s opinion. In the same way that a negative peer group can lead a teen astray, a positive peer culture makes a significant impact on a teen’s desire to do the right thing.

Group Therapy meets each day with an additional specialized group therapy session to complement Sedona Sky’s team-based approach. The peer-based aspect of our Group Therapy is one of the reasons Sedona Sky is recognized as a leading treatment center for depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Family Focus

While our clinical approach helps our young girls view themselves as valued and important, we also recognize that the healing does not start and end with the young girls in our program– we involve the family back home with the best, most innovative family programming that we believe is available in programs for troubled teens today.

 Learn more about our family focused therapy

In home visit for troubled teen families

Community Group

Students participate in community groups weekly. One group focuses on a wide range of activities designed to practice social skills, enhance self-esteem, and discuss important topics such as values.

The other group is facilitated by a licensed therapist and is more “process” oriented, using 12-Step work to teach recovery skills, addressing community issues, and providing students a forum for giving and receiving feedback.

Psychiatric Services

Students who are on psychotropic medications when they arrive at Sedona Sky Academy are reviewed regularly by our psychiatrist, a Child and Adolescent Specialist who is experienced in the field of adolescent medicine.

Our psychiatrist works closely with students and families to manage the student’s medications, ultimately with the goal of decreasing or eliminating the use of medication whenever possible.

Our psychiatrist and our students families have access to patented Genesight Genetic Testing for all psychiatric medications.  This cutting edge testing takes the guess work out of prescribing the most effective treatments.

Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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