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Sedona Sky Academy Reviews

What they Say – Sedona Sky Academy Reviews

Real Experiences from Real Parents

Sedona Sky Academy Reviews PostcardSedona Sky Academy Reviews – At Sedona Sky, we pride ourselves on producing real results for our students and their families.

We are all proud to have touched the lives of so many wonderful young women and their families and look forward to the many letters we receive from our former students.  We cherish the photos we receive, the graduation announcements, wedding announcements, and updates about the important events in the lives of our girls.

Some ask if we miss the girls after bonding with them during their stay.  Yes, we remember each of our girls with fondness, but even more we look forward to the great things they will do, the places they will go, and who they will become.

When our girls leave Sedona Sky Academy, they exude confidence, radiate compassion, and are truly ready to take on the world – and we love to hear about it when they do.

Sedona Sky was a godsend to our family. I’m very grateful that it was there to help our daughter and us.”

“I felt very comfortable while Lauris was at SSA that she was safe, well cared for, and receiving the therapy that she needed.  Although it was a very difficult decision to make, sending her away to SSA, it was the best decision for the whole family. Thank you.”  – Lynea P.

“It’s a wonderful program.  Before SSA, I had lost touch with my daughter.  Now, I have her back and I enjoy spending time with her.  That’s worth everything.  Now her future is bright and happy.” – Kim B.

“Our family’s experience with Sedona Sky Academy exceeded our expectations in all areas. I couldn’t have imagined a staff so completely committed to each and every girl’s personal progress. The people employed at SSA go above and beyond in terms of academic support, therapeutic support, and creating an environment where the girls feel safe to find her direction again. I am so grateful for the staff’s high level of professionalism and genuine concern for our daughter.” – Susan F.

“Our daughter has been back home just a few days but so far all is fantastic – a new level of self-confidence and self-respect as we have never seen before. SSA truly has saved not just our daughter but our entire family. I will gladly speak on behalf of the program with any caregivers who are trying to make the gut-wrenching decision on whether Sedona Sky is for them or not.”

residential treatment facility for girls

“I think Bri got a lot of skills and self-awareness through SSA. To date we have not had any fights. She is doing her school work, chores and therapy. I am certain we will have our ups and downs, but SSA gave both of us many new skills to start this new journey. Bri loves her new school and therapist, but misses many of the girls and staff at SSA. From all of us, THANK YOU.” – A Grateful Parent

“I feel that Sedona Sky saved my daughter’s life. I have only admiration for SSA.” – Fred H. L.

“A great program with a great staff.”

therapeutic boarding school for girls
defiant child

We have a very nice girl at home now, not the raving, mean out of control person we sent to Sedona Sky.”

“I love SSA. It has helped my daughter and I to better communicate and have a relationship.

“I can only say I am very thankful. Thank you for giving my granddaughter the tools that I could not. Our world is angry, and hostile the youth are demonstrating this on all levels, even on each other. I am in constant prayer for her guidance and solid choices which would lead her to success. Thanks to all of you for your help.” – Donna G.

“I was so impressed with every detail of Sedona Sky Academy. The academy’s soft spoken style and delivery method made my daughter, and myself as a parent, comfortable with all they present. The professional therapists create an opportunity for open, honest dialogue long after students graduate the program. I will always highly recommend Sedona Sky Academy as the healthy resource of choice for parents of troubled teen girls to become the best women they can be. The passion and concern for every student is apparent.” – Debbie F.

“Sedona Sky was such a perfect fit for my daughter. It provided her with a place to safely face her problems, to learn how to cope with them, and to find herself in terms of her strengths and how to cope with her weaknesses. It saved her life, and this is not an overstatement. Many, many thanks.

“We were very pleased with the entire experience. We felt our daughter was consistently receiving the highest level of care.

“Everyone here is fantastic. We can’t thank you enough.”

“We are very happy with the program and results for ourselves and daughter.”

Mission Statement

We couldn’t ask for anything better than what we have experienced for the last 3 months our daughter has been here. The staff is excellent. Thanks.”

“The students who helped with the campus tour were very mature and informative. The SSA staff was experienced and very professional. The staff put us at ease and were very compassionate. They made us feel a lot better about placing our daughter at SSA. Thanks!”

“We couldn’t ask for any better communication and support from all of the staff. Thanks.”

“Thank you to everyone at Sedona Sky for taking the time to meet with us and make us feel welcome and at home. It was so much easier leaving our daughter at Sedona Sky knowing that the people surrounding her cared deeply about her and our family and were willing to take the time to make sure we had connected with everyone and had everything we needed. Thank you!!!”

“Couldn’t have been a better experience.”

“We enjoyed the students’ tour of the school; they were helpful and nice with lots of information. We felt totally confident that we were leaving our daughter in safe hands.

“Thank you for making our first day a positive and comfortable experience. When we left Amy, we knew she was in a safe and caring place with staff who would truly care for her. We have been very impressed with everyone we have met and talked with and appreciate all the extra time you have taken to return phone calls, answer questions, and make sure we have all the information we need.”

“Everyone I have dealt with so far has been very nice, helpful, responsive and very much takes pride in working there. It reaffirms my decision that it’s the right place for my daughter.”

“The communication has been wonderful so far. I have been extremely pleased at the responsiveness of everyone at SSA. Thank you.”

Placing a child in a residential program is very stressful experience for parents/grandparents. The admissions experience at Sedona Sky helped reduce the anxiety associated with that process. Thank you.”

Sedona Sky Academy Teen in Recovery

“Sedona Sky is an amazing program in so many ways — and the quality of the program is exceeded only by the kindness of the faculty, staff and administrators. Thank you for all you do on behalf of my daughter and us (the befuddled parents.)”

“The facility offered peace of mind in a very turbulent time in our lives. They have continued to offer support and are always quick to answer questions and concerns. A top rate facility!”

“I thank all of you for your support during these hard times.”

“It was very important for me to meet with every team member who would be involved in the care of my sweet Elizabeth. Everyone exceeded my expectations.

Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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