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Prospective Parents

To Our Prospective Parents

A Message from our Founder

Dear Parent,

If you are reading this we know the heartache and the struggles that come with a daughter in crisis. We have devoted our organization and our lives to rebuilding the lives of these very special young women.

Inside every troubled young woman and family that comes to Sedona Sky is an opportunity for great healing– and a new beginning. Sometimes we all must take a brave first step towards the new and open ourselves up to change.

It is during this process of growth that we heal old wounds and rediscover what we can become.

Tammy Behrman

My team and I have worked with over 1,500 families like yours. Now, we invite you to explore what Sedona Sky can mean to your daughter and your family as one of the respected residential treatment centers for teens. We cannot say it will be easy, but we can say it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Warm regards,

Tammy Behrmann
Founder, Sedona Sky Academy

Comments from One of Many Parents

“I remember the day I decided to send my daughter to Sedona Sky Academy (SSA). I was scared, tired, and overwhelmed with the enormity of the decision I was about to make. My daughter had crossed a line in life over which some people never return, and I realized she would require a lot of support – way more than I could provide myself – to get her life back on track. I decided to entrust my daughter’s recovery to SSA – one of the toughest and best decisions I’ve made as a parent.

In the 10 months my daughter attended SSA, she developed from a troubled teen who couldn’t go a day without using, into a strong young woman who can and will do wonderful things for the world. She learned to respect herself, her mind, and her body, and cope with difficult situations in positive ways. She gained communication skills to help circumvent conflict, and raised failing grades to nearly all A’s and B’s. During that time, I attended three SSA workshops designed to teach me the skills I would need to support her return home and long-term success in life.

I’ll be forever thankful to SSA for their professionalism, commitment, and the remarkable results they produced through their program.”

– David M.

Sedona Sky Academy Residence for Girls

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If you are ready to enroll, you can apply now here.  Completing this application does not commit your child to attend.  It helps us determine if this is the right fit and reserve a spot if one is available and if you choose to enroll your daughter.

Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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