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Why the Winky Face? Ways Emoji Use in Teens Can Help Teen Mental Health

As the idiom suggests, a picture is worth a thousand words. While the merits of images versus words can be argued by any book lover, it is hard to deny the potential effect of images. Even if an image isn’t better than text, the battle is certainly close. This, essentially, is at the crux of the great emoji debate.

Although emoji seem to be here to stay – after all, it’s hard to imagine instant messaging or social networking without the use of an occasional smiley here and there – their psychological value can be argued. On one hand, is the argument that a conversation should be self-contained: resorting to a picture to convey emotions covers up the shortcomings of the text. On the other hand, is the argument that emoji can eliminate ambiguity and express mood. Scientists may help resolve this debate: psychology experts consider emoji an invaluable tool in promoting teen mental health.

Teen mental health in the age of the internet is a different beast entirely from everything that came before. From the dreaded FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) to cyberbullying, miscommunication, and the ceaseless onslaught of information, teen mental health today is under pressures that have never previously been experienced. The use of emoji – while far from being the only factor in promoting teen mental health – can still be a step in the right direction (and, sometimes, this step proves the decisive one). teen mental health

Why Use Emoji?

Experts pinpoint several main ways in which emoji are used, with the unifying factor being the improvement of communication. Someone who is warm in person, can come off cold and callous in their electronic correspondence. A sarcastic remark can be misread literally. And, in some cases, a complex emoji (or even a well-placed meme) can shed light on a situation in ways that words simply are not able to. A single emoji can highlight the mood – with their help, a long explanation with footnotes can turn into a succinct conversation. Emoji, for better or worse, are part of a new mode of instant communication. Whereas, previously, letters were an ordeal, the chats of today travel – quite literally – at the speed of light. By using emoji, a message can become one step closer to a conversation.

Choosing Sedona Sky Academy for Your Daughter’s Mental Health Needs

Sedona Sky Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls. We serve as an academy, therapeutic program, and inpatient treatment center all at once. Our residential treatment program can help struggling girls overcome a wide range of issues including substance use, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral challenges.

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