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One Thousand Worries: Ways to Help OCD in Teens

Mental health awareness has skyrocketed in recent years. Not so long ago, mental disorders were blamed on demons, witchcraft, and any other number factors – except the ones actually responsible for causing mental illness. But, in spite of this rise of knowledge and understanding, certain mental illnesses still remains somewhat of a mystery. One such illness is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. But, even though the exact causes of OCD in teens are still unknown, scientists have severely narrowed down the possibilities. The pinpointed culprit is the chemical serotonin that, when its levels are unbalanced, can trigger a “false alarm” in the brain. This false alarm, in turn, causes obsessions – thoughts or images that pop into a person’s mind and can be incredibly hard to shake. Obsessions frequently lead a person to compulsive (or ritual) behaviors – that temporarily alleviate these issues. An example would be a person who is afraid of germs, constantly washing their hands. OCD in teens

OCD in teens is far from rare – approximately 3% of the population have a form of OCD. The “mildest” version of OCD in teens commonly shows itself as anxiety. In extreme cases, OCD in teens can severely impair their ability to function. Fortunately, there is good news. On one hand, OCD research is rapidly progressing and, almost every day, there is new information that can shed light on the issue. On the other, more immediate solutions can treat the issue to make it manageable. One such treatment is available through residential treatment.

Choosing Residential Treatment for OCD in Teens

Residential treatment offers a variety of therapeutic approaches that can help a teen with OCD with their struggles. Perhaps the most significant benefit of residential treatment is the fact that it can be tailored to meet a child’s exact needs. With a wide variety of ways that OCD can manifest itself – not to mention the fact that every child is different – it is only natural for the treatment to match what a child needs. Moreover, residential treatment features a caring, professional staff that ensures that can ensure that your child will have the best experience possible. Although a complete cure for OCD is yet to be available, with the help of residential treatment, your child can learn invaluable skills that can assist them on a healthy journey into the future.

Sedona Sky Academy Can Help

Sedona Sky Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls. We serve as an academy, therapeutic program, and inpatient treatment center all at once. Our residential treatment program can help struggling girls overcome a wide range of issues including substance use, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral challenges.

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