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Very Smart Phones: Ways a Smartphone Can Help Mental Health in Teens

It was the best of rivalries, it was the worst of rivalries. One of the – arguably – bitterest love-hate relationships between cities in England is between two neighbors less than 50 miles away from each other. Manchester and Liverpool have long enjoyed a complicated friendship, but when it comes to mental health in teens, the two have put their differences aside. The Universities of both Manchester and Liverpool have joined together in an effort to design a smartphone app that could offer an experience akin to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – and fit in a user’s pocket. mental health in teens

The app – called “Catch It” – follows the motto: “catch it, check it, change it”. Targeted specifically toward anxiety and depression, but potentially helpful with other mental illnesses, the app is focused on catching negative thoughts and behaviors – and, by catching them, allowing the user to break out of the cycle toward a more positive mode. While the app doesn’t claim to cure the underlying causes of a mental illness, it can improve a person’s well-being. Hard as it can be to believe, mental health in teens can be improved through the use of technology. And the examples don’t end there.

Using Smartphones to Improve Mental Health in Teens

While smartphones can cause or propagate internet addiction when used incorrectly, they can be a magnificent resource to improve mental health in teens in conjunction with other forms of therapy. Technology can be used in real time to guide a person during everyday life – and it can help monitor patterns. Keeping a journal on a smartphone, for example, can help a person track their moods and thoughts as they happen, without the need to wait for an opportune moment to write in a diary.

Another technological development, for instance, will utilize the new version of Google Glass. It can translate facial expressions into emoji during a conversation, in order to help children with autism interpret social cues. And, of course, access to the internet can help parents address their child’s mental health issues by keeping them up-to-date on new research. Having a smartphone can allow a parent to quickly get answers to pressing mental health questions and it can help teens remember that they are not alone. If used correctly, technology can be used as a leap forward in promoting mental health in teens.

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