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depression treatment

“Nashville” Star Goes to Treatment Center for Depression Treatment

Hayden Panettiere–also known as country star, Juliette Barnes, in Nashville–recently told the public that she’ll be going back into rehabilitation to receive postpartum depression treatment. She first got treatment back in October 2015, but has continued to struggle to the point of realizing that she needs further treatment to truly get better. This is something

struggling daughter

Tips for Helping Your Struggling Daughter

There are few things more difficult for a parent than to watch a child struggle. There are many issues that adolescent girls deal with – ranging from body image (over 90% of find themselves unhappy with the way they look) to bullying, substance use, mental illness, and many more. Combined with the pressure to perform

The Dangers of Internet Advice on Boyfriends

  It’s shocking to me just how many articles and YouTube videos there are that show a girl—any age—on how to snag a boyfriend. “Before you can be ready to catch your guy’s attention,” one says, “you need to make sure that you look appealing.” Another part insists, “Let him see you talking to other

Tired Teens

The Years of Teens Are Being Taken Away

Life expectancy is looking dire for our teens. According to an article published on the website for the University of Southern Carolina, the death rate for Americans is extremely high—and isn’t likely to change. In the article, USC quotes Eileen Crimmins, one of the members for the research project: “The problem is not limited to

Teen weight battle

Teen Girl Battles School Over Her Weight

“She doesn’t want her weight taken anywhere,” Heather Hobert-Hoch, of Pleasant Hill, Iowa said, and one might surprised as to whom she is referring to. It isn’t a model or celebrity she is representing, but her 13-year-old daughter, Ireland. Ireland and her fellow female students were in the gym, waiting to have their height and

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