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The Healing Life: Five Reasons to Choose a Residential Treatment Facility for Girls

Growing up is hard on a good day. Teenagers endure a variety of changes – physical and emotional – that can uproot their sense of self. In many situations, though, these shifts rectify themselves with time. Sure, there can be difficult days, but pushing boundaries is a natural part of the process. Although the problems may not seem temporary as they’re happening, they’re nothing more than a phase in the long run. Unfortunately, sometimes, these problems don’t go away on their own. Instead, fights become an everyday occurrence and the daughter you know and love seems to act like a complete stranger. This is precisely the situation that a residential treatment facility for girls can help with. residential treatment facility for girls

A residential treatment facility for girls offers a family-based, holistic approach (one that simultaneously targets the mind, body, and spirit of your struggling daughter). Moreover, a residential treatment facility for girls doesn’t simply offer a temporary solution to your daughter’s troubles; in fact, a residential treatment facility for girls builds vital skills that assist your daughter in healing from within. Where many approaches focus exclusively on alleviating the symptoms of an issue, at a residential treatment facility for girls, the therapy is based on finding the underlying causes of your daughter’s issue.

Benefits of Choosing a Residential Treatment Facility for Girls

There are numerous benefits to choosing a residential treatment facility for your daughter. Some of these include:

  • Professional staff. A caring, well-trained team will treat your daughter with the respect she deserves. With everyone genuinely invested in your daughter’s success, there isn’t a person who wouldn’t go that extra mile to help her.
  • Variety. With every person – and every problem – being different, it is only logical for the therapy to offer a wide range of approaches.
  • Fun. Healing and enjoyment aren’t mutually exclusive. As the residential approach proves beyond any doubt, a journey back to a healthy path can be combined with numerous activities that your daughter will want to participate in.
  • Education. As a therapeutic boarding school, a residential facility combines the best of both therapy and schooling. Your daughter can receive an academic education of the highest quality while overcoming her struggles.
  • Family. Frequent updates and communication sessions keep parents in the loop about their daughter’s progress.

Sedona Sky Academy Can Help

Sedona Sky Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls. We serve as an academy, therapeutic program, and inpatient treatment center all at once. Our residential treatment program can help struggling girls overcome a wide range of issues including substance use, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral challenges.

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