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Advanced College Preparatory Curriculum

Fully Accredited – Credits Transfer to Colleges, Universities and High Schools Throughout the United States

Sedona Sky Academy offers a challenging, fully accredited college preparatory academic curriculum along with an academic credit recovery program for troubled girls who have fallen behind in school.

Our curriculum and credits are nationally recognized and accredited through AdvancED and transfer to colleges, universities and high schools throughout the United States.

All classes are taught by experienced Arizona Certified and/or Master’s Level instructors.

Help to Graduate Highschool

At Sedona Sky, we have a 99% college placement rate which is among the top residential treatment centers in the country. This in large part due to our challenging academic curriculum that is matched to a student’s learning style.  The average SAT score of our students is 1580, which we believe to be an excellent reflection of our student’s perseverance, as well as our teachers’ dedication to helping create success.

Sedona Sky Academy – Academics

Small Class Sizes, Individual Attention and Progress Updates

Classes at Sedona Sky Academy are small, with a faculty-to-student ratio of approximately 1:8.

Instruction is classroom-based, although in special circumstances, independent study (including college credit work) may be arranged. As appropriate, members of the faculty supervise and mentor a student’s independent studies as well.

We have found that students thrive when they know where they stand and when they can be actively accountable for their academic performance. This involvement reflects one of our goals of helping our girls to be more responsible.

Classrooms at residential treatment center

Unmatched Academic Achievement
Grounded in Classroom Instruction

Academic Excellence for Struggling Girls

Weekly Progress Reports to Parents

Every week, our academic faculty communicates with the students, then with the families back home with progress reports. In doing so, we help our students meet goals and see their progress, which helps to rebuild their confidence.

Resource Assistance Accommodate Learning Differences

Sedona Sky Academy provides, as an essential part of its academic services, a teacher based and peer based tutoring with Learning Center.  Sedona Sky can fully accommodate IEP plans for students. This is a huge part of our commitment to scholastic excellence.

Integrated Experiential Learning Outside the Classroom

Instructors use creative approaches in their classes, taking advantage of the local cultural, historic, and geological riches in north-central Arizona.

This experiential environment encourages learning and works particularly well with our student population, who typically excel in a non-traditional academic environment.


Since we believe so strongly in learning outside of the classroom, and recognize the therapeutic benefits of traveling outside our residential treatment program, we take multiple academic trips throughout the year.

Students Excel in College Prep Academics
Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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