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Our Mission

The Mission and Purpose of Sedona Sky Academy

Our Core Beliefs that Guide Us

Sedona Sky Academy is founded upon the principles warmth, respect, cooperation, friendship, leadership, and compassion. Our staff of therapists and counselors act together for a common purpose – To enhance each student’s emotional, social, physical, and academic growth.

Sedona Sky Academy Mission Statement

We work with our young female students “where they are” and help the families of our students work together to find a new healthful path. We are especially passionate and dedicated to the success of all of our young women students, and are guided by our mission to make a difference.

At Sedona Sky, We Believe In the Following

We believe: That every girl is unique, powerful and has endless possibilities for a bright future.

We believe: In a strength-based approach that reconnects young women with their passions and interests.

We believe: In teaching every student the importance of service, self-advocacy, making healthy choices, and lifelong learning.

We believe: In a compassionate community the prepares young women for important life transitions.

We believe: In the healing power of reconnecting families with their daughters.

Sedona Sky Academy is Successful
When Other Options Fail

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