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Meet our Founder Tammy Behrmann

Meet our Founder – Tammy Behrmann

TammyBehrman-200x300For Tammy Behrmann, her desire to help teens can be traced back 26 years, to 1989. “Originally, I had worked at a Therapeutic Boarding School to help put myself through college, but it created a passion in me that would last a lifetime.”

It didn’t take a long time for Tammy to realize that to provide the best experience possible for teens who are in therapeutic boarding schools, she would need to be the owner of a program.

“With the help of my two brothers, and my father, we built Copper Canyon Academy in 1998. My father used half of his retirement money and my brother took out a mortgage on his house. As a family, we had put so much into developing CCA.”

With the help of her brother, Darren Prince, Tammy helped to build Copper Canyon Academy into a quality therapeutic boarding school for girls.

In 2002, Tammy and Darren made the decision to sell Copper Canyon to Aspen Education. Aspen and Copper Canyon were later bought by CRC Health Group in 2006. For the next six years, Tammy helped to run the program.

“Sometimes, you realize it’s best to take time to be a mom. So in 2008, I left CCA so that I could be there for my two daughters.”

After a brief hiatus and a move to southern Utah, Tammy created Ashcreek Ranch Academy in 2012. Ashcreek Ranch is a program designed to help troubled teenage boys through therapy, academics, horsemanship, outdoor adventures, and sports.

Just two years later, another opportunity developed. CRC Health wanted to sell Copper Canyon.

On April 8th, 2014 Tammy and her brother Darren repurchased Copper Canyon from CRC Health and closed the CCA program. They did not renew the CCA license and immediately opened a new program with a new staff under a new license called Sedona Sky Academy which is aimed at helping teenage girls.

“Like parenting, therapy is always evolving. Doing something the same way for 25 years doesn’t make it right. I need to be constantly learning, adapting and changing to run a program in the best possible way.”

Sedona Sky focuses on their robust family programming, and expansive recreational therapy. They also offer strong, science-centric academics, and student-parent workshops. These workshops are essential for helping the family to better understand their child.

Sedona Sky prides itself on their equine therapy program, and in Tammy’s words, “No one focuses on the equine therapy quite like we do, it’s really special.”

The biggest message that Tammy wants to convey to the girls at Sedona Sky Academy is, “I want them to know that they don’t have to be perfect, but I want them to also know that when they fall, we’re here to give them the tools to pick themselves back up and make the best out of any situation in life.”

Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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