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We are Licensed and Accredited

Ensuring a Safe, Healthy and Professional Environment

With Sedona Sky’s license and accreditations, families can feel confident we have the facilities, staffing, and programming necessary to provide an outstanding therapeutic environment.

What does it mean to be licensed and accredited?

We are accredited beyond the typical residential treatment center, undergoing stringent licensing and accreditation processes through The Joint Commission (JCAHO), AdvancED, NATSAP, and Arizona Department of Health Services.  To gain approval by these respective agencies, our campus, hiring practices, and programming must meet their high standards.

We must maintain staff to student ratios, must have a campus limited to only those in our program, and must demonstrate that we have the rules and regulations in place to ensure a safe, healthy, and happy environment for our students.

What are the individual licensing requirements?

Our therapists are the ones who provide the clinical work with our students and they are the ones who must have the licensing to provide this therapeutic work.  A therapist’s license is also how we are able to offer a potential insurance reimbursement statement to families.

Not all of our staff are licensed, of course, as all of them aren’t required to be and don’t provide therapeutic services.  All of our staff, however, regardless of position, undergo a strong interview process designed to help us find the most dedicated and passionate individuals.

JCAHO Accredited Residential Treatment Center


JCAHO Accreditation is not an easy accreditation to earn, many healthcare companies attempt to adopt the stringent standards and practices required by JCAHO but relatively few are successful.  We are proud of the high standards we keep in our residential treatment center and among our professionals.  We believe in adhering to only the best, safest, and professional standards when providing critical care to our families and their precious daughters.

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For families, NATSAP membership means we are a program licensed by a state agency, have qualified and licensed clinicians, and follow a Code of Conduct and Ethics as determined by NATSAP.  Learn more about who NATSAP is and what our requirements are here.

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AdvancED provides Sedona Sky’s renowned academic programming with their private school accreditation.  They have developed quality standards and processes Sedona Sky must continually meet as well as improvement goals as we continually strive to grow our students’ successes.  Learn more about accreditation here.

Az Department of Health Services

Arizona Department of Health Services

The Arizona Department of Health Services licenses and monitors health and child care facilities and providers including on-site reviews and licensing inspections to promote quality care and safety.  More information can be found on their website here.

Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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