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Selecting The Right Program

Selecting the Right Program, the Right Fit

10 Essential Questions to Ask any Program

With so many choices and the barrage of information on the internet parents can be left feeling overwhelmed. How do I make the best choice? How do I find a program that is uniquely suited to my daughter’s needs? There are a few questions that we at Sedona Sky Academy feel can help guide your way through this important process.

Sedona Sky Academy

1. Is your program licensed and accredited?

It is extremely important to understand the oversight and credentialing that a program operates under to ensure the quality and consistency of services. Sedona Sky Academy operates under the Arizona Office of Behavioral Health and academically under the national AdvancED accreditation. These organizations provide regular monitoring and standards of excellence.

2. Can I see the credentials of your therapists and other staff members?

Why this is important: As a parent you want to make sure that your daughter is working with qualified therapists and experienced teachers. Ask about the experience of the administrative team, and their qualifications. Sedona Sky Academy hires the best talent from across the country to serve on our campus. Teachers are Master’s Level and Therapists are LMFTs, LCSWs, or MSWs.

3. Does your program offer qualified Medical Support?

Why this is important: Your daughter’s physical well being and safety are priority one. It’s very important to understand what kind of health and wellness services are available on site. Sedona Sky Academy offers a comprehensive Medical Center, Dietitian, Nutritionist, weekly consulting psychiatrist and Medical Director.

4. What is your treatment philosophy?

Why this is important: A program that can’t define it’s mission statement and treatment philosophy is going to have difficulty providing cohesive treatment and support to your daughter. This lack of focus will also impact its culture.  Sedona Sky Academy is founded upon the principles warmth, respect, cooperation, friendship, leadership, and compassion. Our staff acts together for a common purpose – To enhance each student’s emotional, social, physical, and academic growth.

5. What types of treatment do you offer?

Why this is important: Adolescent girls who thrive in treatment do so because they receive a high level of individualized and personalized attention. Be wary of programs that offer a “universal” approach or treatment modality. The most successful programs have the ability to highly individualize both academic and clinical approaches.

6. Does your program encourage family involvement?

Why this is important: The importance of family involvement and ongoing support for your daughter cannot be emphasized enough. A Family Systems approach that examines the role of each family member and how family members can push each other back into old behaviors is critically important. Sedona Sky Academy facilitates intensive Family Weekends and ongoing Family Therapy during and even after program completion.

7. Does your program provide College Preparatory Academics and what is your college placement rate?

Why this is important: Many therapeutic programs are weighted towards the clinical while academics fall by the wayside. It’s important to understand what the level of rigor, credit, and academic support will be. At Sedona Sky  Academy we believe that a traditional academic classroom works best accompanied by specialized Learning Support when needed. Our students benefit from exciting classes and the ability to work ahead or make up for lost credits. We also offer college level courses and AP curriculum. We believe in comprehensive SAT and ACT preparation. Our commitment results in 100% College Acceptance of Sedona Sky Academy Seniors. We think that academics are inherently therapeutic and a key part of any treatment plan.

8. What types of activities & amenities does your program offer? 

Why this is important: To thrive in treatment girls need to be able to have fun also! Ask about the recreational opportunities available. How often do students get off of campus? What type of wellness and sporting opportunities are there? Can they develop musically and artistically? Sedona Sky Academy offers competitive sports, Yoga and Dance programs, and comprehensive Arts Program.  Our students also look forward to weekly off campus trips, Leadership and Community Service outings.

9. Does your program provide support after you leave treatment?

Why this is important: The data and research is very clear on this, programs that provide comprehensive Aftercare Support to their families have a greater success rate. It’s an important question to ask, what kind of support can you expect upon completion of your program? At Sedona Sky Academy we believe so strongly in this that we follow up with a clinician coming into your home for two and a half days no matter where in the world you may live. We also follow this up with eight weeks of Skype support and 24/7 access to an Aftercare Therapist. It is that important to protect the gains your daughter and your family has made in treatment.

10. Can I speak with some of your program’s parents and alumni?

Why this is important: A good program will be happy to provide past and present references for you to speak with. Being able to connect with past or current parents and students can give you unique insights into the challenges and opportunities that lies ahead.

Admissions Tammy Behrmann Founder, Sedona Sky Academy
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